1 to Stop, 3 to Start



Recently, we had a team meeting at work (aka Paradiselandia) where each member was asked to name:

  • One thing they would stop doing this year.
  • Three things they would start doing this year.

I wrote my ideas on two sticky notes and left them stuck to the monitor until meeting day where I had fun presenting them live. During that time, we were also asked by Corey how we would go about making these goals happen.


The thing I decided to stop doing this year was multitasking. I just do a lot of things and, more often than I should, multiple things at once. I need to slow down. I cannot tell you how many times I’ve had an email that’s one paragraph long sit in my drafts folder for hours because I also decided to/got pulled into a number of other things I had to respond to.

Sometimes urgency blinds you to the more important things and for me, the important thing is that, when I do something, I do it well and thoroughly. So I’m going to just do one thing at a time – like this post – until I am done, and then I will do the next thing.


The things I decided to start doing were all connected to professional development and just being smarter because… well, why not? If I can do and be better, then that’s reason enough.

  1. Study a content standard per quarter. Q1 is going to be SCORM 1.2 and 2004. I’m going to actually read the standard and absorb it for the next few months. It won’t take that long to read it, I’m sure, but I want to internalize it.
  2. Read a book every month. I’ve already picked two, in fact. Even better, they are really short because Seth Godin doesn’t write long books. I’ll let you know which one I read when I’m done reading it.
  3. Say no more often. This one is probably going to be the hardest. I like being helpful and available to help, but as I mentioned before, I get busy sometimes and I need to re-learn the ability to say “I’m not available right now” at work. Hopefully, everyone will be okay with it and I’m sure they will be. To assist with that, I’ve added some blocks to my calendar with a brief description of what I’m working on during that time. I’ve asked the team here to help me by not asking me to do things during that time unless they are urgent.

So there it is. The plan and the actions that make the plan. I invite you to ask me about them or how they are going at any time on either here or, if you prefer, twitter.

Next time, I’ll mention a few personal goals I’m working on.

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