Creative Processes

My office window
This is the view in my office. I took this picture.

This is going to be somewhat short (sweet is debatable), but I think that, instead of looking online for photos, every blogger should have to get out and take their own pictures now and then. Here’s some reasons why:

  1. you already know what you want to write about, so it’s easier to snap an appropriate shot.
  2. it will add something to your day you don’t normally do.
  3. it will make you have to discover beauty.
  4. it may change your thoughts about what you intended to write in the process — and that could be a good thing.
  5. you will appreciate people in the digital art and photography space even more for the things they do.
  6. you’ll learn a new skill or find an active way to apply something you do as a hobby. it may become more than this.

If you’re lucky, it will also bring you into new experiences and people. If you’re looking for a spot with a lot of people cheering, you may end up at a local event you wouldn’t have otherwise gone to. If you were looking for a serene picture, it may take you to the park for a while (when was the last time that you took your professional self to a park?) where you’ll end up finding something you wouldn’t have expected (when was the last time you enjoyed discovery a fun little nugget in the tangible world?) or even seeing something that make you smile at humanity for a while.

If you’re lucky like me, you may even find a beautiful sun meeting you as you go.


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