A Friendly Reminder on Self-Care


This week, I’m on vacation in the lovely state of Washington. Today, I went to the beach and I didn’t look up anything. I just took pictures and stuck my feet in the water for a while. I listened to the voice of the ocean and felt the life in it. I got my clothes wet and everything was right with the world.

As I stood there, I thought about those of you I left on the frontlines of the mess that is basically America and I wanted to leave this with you: It is OK.

No, really: it is OK.

  • It is OK if you ignore twitter for the next day, week, month, etc.
  • It is OK if you ignore facebook, too.
  • It is OK if you are exhausted with educating people that aren’t aware of issues.
  • It is OK if you don’t want to engage.
  • It is OK if you need to recharge or refresh or renew.
  • It is OK not to feel guilty about that.
  • It is OK – more than OK in fact – to post cute puppies, kittens, or your favorite song.
  • It is OK to just get ice cream, go outside…

It is fine and does not mean you don’t care or that you’re a bad activist or weak or anything if you just need to put down the world for a while. It will be here when you get back. The struggle will continue. And continue. And continue.

For now, rest and make space for your well being. It is OK.

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