…a need to disconnect

I’m very much a person that buys into the concept of social media. Mind you, I do this at a personal level, so on occasion, I take things personally.

As a rule for myself, on media like Facebook, if I see anyone I know posting a status, I tend to push the like button or comment. Positive things tend to receive gratuitous [like]s. Other things get a [like] if I don’t know what else to say, or a comment. The [like] button in my eyes, is a multipurpose tool for conveying many types of things. I put it this way:

I [like] statuses because I believe in encouraging people. If you see me on your status, I’m thinking about you. I’m here. I’m listening. I understand. I celebrate your success. I’m a phone call away when you’re stressed/sad/ready to give up. More than any of that, I’m watching for every opportunity to express any of those things. That’s for your FYI. Not that it matters now.

The story behind this status is all too familiar to some.

A friend of mine was contacted by another person we know in common from college. Guy and I were cool, but apparently not that close (explanation pending).

He’s recently been going through a hard time with a break up with his girlfriend. Aside from that, he was doing some pretty intense, cool, and positive community things. These were the only two things he posted about. He also posted about people involved in the community project. Usually these involves positive statements that, naturally, I wanted to encourage and cheer on.

What did I do? That’s right, I [like]d all of it. Every single one. He posted several times a day. I didn’t care. I liked all of it.

Apparently, I liked too much. Questions about my sexuality came into play because of this from weird corners and people that I didn’t even know. So much so, that a friend of mine was asked. Shortly after this questioning, he felt compelled to inform me that the questioning even occurs and I had a mini emotional rollercoaster of all of the feelings associated with grief. It was explained that this person couldn’t understand why I was gung-ho about liking so many of his pictures and statuses as we weren’t that close (there’s that explanation I mentioned earlier).

Needless to say, this leaves me to consider the other things I do involving social media and I will be doing just that for a while.

This said, realize that, occasionally, you will need to slow down every now and then and see how the things you RT, like, favorite, etc impact the people you are trying to connect with. Some people love that sort of thing; spreading the word about what they are doing or saying or getting into makes them the happiest people in the world…

However, there are other people that will simply tell you “We’re not friends. Why are you replying to me (even though I am on your friends list or follow you on twitter….)?”

Between the two, there are things to be noted, found, enjoyed, and discovered. Try not to let things like this take you out of the race. Remember that, for every time something happens that is minorly negative like this, there are many other chances for more positive interactions.

For now, though, I am going to relax on that [like] button (and probably the [login] button) and just do something else. Maybe exercise would be a start; I have been a little bit of a slacker this week.

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