A New Year

So, I want to say this while we are on the brink of a new year: “New Year, Me.”

Notice that the word, “new” is missing. The thing is that I think we get caught up in doing something new or being something new that we don’t learn from or absorb what and who we already are and have become. It’s hard to push forward into being something new when you aren’t even aware of what you are now.

So next year, if I could say I have a resolution, it will be to continue in what I have yet to finish and become better in the process. One year just isn’t enough time for me to start and finish some things. Especially when it involves becoming. If anything, I have a lot of things I work on sucking at less.

Also, less is more. Maybe instead of tacking on a bunch of new things, we should try to make an effort over the next year to drop as much as we can until we are only left with what makes us alive with passion, purpose, or both.

In the end, I think a new year isn’t necessarily about doing adding something new anymore. Maybe it is about something more.

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