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  • Voting in 2017

    Voting in 2017

    The fact is that people were beaten, jailed, and then some and with full permission from the state itself before we got the right for everyone to vote and black women got the worst of it not being able to vote until 1965. So when it came time to vote for state representatives this week, […]

  • Gun.


    My response is a long memory.

  • A Relatable Character

    A Relatable Character

    While we condemn Magneto’s more extreme actions, we do one thing for him: we try to understand his plight and relate.

  • Death By Logic

    Death By Logic

    My casket will likely be made out of scientific journals and copies of the bill of rights. I imagine that it will be neatly fitted with all of the journals on how the world just is what it is and how no one complained when Obama was president.

  • Thoughts On Evil

    before you try to make oppression or misogyny or racism or so many other things an academic pursuit, please let these two words be your mantra: just don’t.