Author: synxiec

  • Friend and Foe Recognition: Part I

    One of the best things about my professional life this year is that there is a more clear definition for me in terms of “friends” and “foes”. By this I mean that you’ll run into people that either: Want to help you Don’t want to help you Please note: I’m not speaking of active harm […]

  • Mentorship

    Over the years, I’ve carried a secret mission to find a mentor of some kind. This has proven very difficult in a time where the most common answer to a question is, “you could probably google that”. The thing is, even though answers are a lot more accessible than they have ever been, there is […]

  • The Face of Blackness

    A friend and I were talking about recent events and I started talking about how other of my friends were worried about me; a friend had texted from Atlanta and another from California wrote a text to ask me to be safe and so on. I mused on how they were right to be concerned […]

  • A Treatise On Boredom: Part I

    Exhaustion. That’s what this week has left me with. Exhaustion of mind, of body, of heart. I can’t with the states and the people in it right now. Jumping the shark is barely adequate for this madness. After a lot of observation, I’m going to leave these gems that I think need just one more […]

  • Tragedy In Free Verse

    I’m trying to coax this one tear out of the corner of the room and get him to be a bit more social. I woke up to a day that should have had a trigger warning. The hashtag today had my uncle’s name and five kids. I read this shortly after lunch today and slumped […]