Being Inspired


As you may remember from my last entry, I’ve been more involved in sales where I work.

Since then, I’ve not written much here. I’ve had much to do, but not much to say and I don’t like the idea of writing just for the sake of writing; I need a spark.

Well, I have it now. I’ve found it in the most interesting of places: work.

Before you roll your eyes and sigh, think about the last time you were truly inspired by the work you do and/or the people with whom you share coffee and workload every day. Most people that even see this are so buried under the mundane things of their daily routines that they’ve lost this. It’s even easier when you aren’t being challenged and your job is thankless. To break that cycle, it can take weeks, months, or years. In some cases, it can’t be broken by anything other than another job altogether.

For those not in the last category of needing the ultimate escape plan, give me a moment for two things: an interesting project and a story.



While, I’m not a professional photographer (and by some standards, not even a good amateur), I do like to take pictures and I think I have a good eye for them (you can check the blog archive for this). I’ve also been interested in doing a photo-a-day project for a while, so I took a much needed step in that direction last year. For the year, I had to look for one photo of something that caught enough of my attention to stop, look at, and appreciate it.

Let me tell you: this is probably just as potent as practicing silence in changing your perspective on life. The simplest lesson you learn here is to actually stop and appreciate something. This went from photography to everything else and soon I found myself stopping to nod, smile, or even turn around in mid-stride to talk to someone in a different office that does work unrelated to what I do and talking to them for a few minutes.

Not going into all the lessons I’ve learned from this, it has definitely tuned my ears into the things that normally escape our attention otherwise. Here’s where my story comes in.



It was last week and my boss was leading a sales call. I was the tech backup on that call. I listened to him talk, I listened to the client talk and then I heard a thoughtful pause from my boss. After this thoughtful pause, he said something like this: “While we could do a few things to make the system do all the things you suggested, I think it would be better and less expensive for you to use ______; it does everything you want it to do out of the box…”

Normally, the thought process here is something like this: “Great, we lost a sale, but at least we were helpful or whatever…” and we move on. Not for me. I had a smile from ear-to-ear and had a 30-minute conversation with my boss immediately afterward to just thank him for saying those words. I explained that it meant a lot to me.

I couldn’t be more proud to work with a company of people that think like this. He isn’t the only one that does, either. I draw inspiration from this because I realize that, even bigger than the whole sales thing, I work for people that make statements like that. This is the leadership I’m under and that leadership is shaping and managing my sales training and growth.

To say was inspired (and still am) is an understatement here, but this is one of a few things I think that we miss in sales and just in our general work; the beauty of these moments where we can get a look at where we are and what we’re doing and draw new strength, energy and focus to do what we do.

What do you think? Are you inspired by the place and people with whom you work? Are you trying to find a way to draw inspiration or even a reason to walk into the office for one more day? The comments are yours.

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