Category: culture

  • Where I’ve been from late 2020 until now

    I’m learning more about myself and becoming more accepting of others and it feels nice to have people continue being themselves around me uninhibited. I am – while still becoming – the person I wish to be and I am pleased with everything about that except maybe not having abs.

  • Professionalism

    I’m bitter and I have a question: what does professionalism mean? What is it to be a person who should be listened to, respected, and heard in a space? What does it mean to communicate in a proper tone? What is a proper protocol for communication to a client base?

  • Systems Thinking

    When people teach you a system, they teach you methods that drive toward a particular result rather than how to think about what you’re doing. You end up with a lot of time spent trying to do what worked for someone and not what works for you.

  • Abolitionism and the Police

    A system that only sees me as worthy of life if I don’t exist is a broken one. I shouldn’t have to cease to be in order to avoid violence at the hands of people whose job it is to uphold the law. If the law itself means to do violence against me for existing, we can upend that while we’re at it.

  • Google This First

    For all of the bodies we leave behind, we haven’t gotten past hashtags, black squares on Instagram, and people who are determined to have academic discussions about bullets.