i'm part irish

Here’s a small tidbit for the day: most black people in the US that aren’t directly from Africa, due to a bunch of things that happened during the slavery period, are Irish. We also can’t trace our routes back to Africa fully because records weren’t kept. Bonus: My middle name is irish and my last… Read more i'm part irish

hate from afar

I would think with all of the things that have happened in the last couple of years with people doing all of these varying things to end hate and violence and all of these things, that people would get it, but there’s one type of hate that I really believe is here to stay. To… Read more hate from afar

adding value

Ah, it was coming sooner or later and now it is here…. A couple of years back, I started some web design work for this lovely group of people. Mind you, at the time, I wanted to do more sweeping changes, but the hosting and site framework they have doesn’t allow that, so I’m working… Read more adding value