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  • When Good People Are Silent

    Trigger Warning // Racism I have some people in a Facebook group who I befriended over D&D. This was just after the current POTUS was elected. We have all met and eaten together and exchanged gifts and so on. We all get along relatively well and have a lot of jokes we pass around. Our […]

  • Cancel Culture & Failure-Prone Faves

    I have always been of two minds regarding “cancel culture” wherein the moment someone makes a transgression, they are automatically made example of in rather dramatic fashion. On the one hand, we are human. We learn that the fire is hot by touching it ourselves more often than not and there is something to be […]

  • A Relatable Character

    A Relatable Character

    While we condemn Magneto’s more extreme actions, we do one thing for him: we try to understand his plight and relate.

  • Thoughts On Evil

    before you try to make oppression or misogyny or racism or so many other things an academic pursuit, please let these two words be your mantra: just don’t.

  • This Election In Free Verse: Part II

    It’s been about two weeks now since Trump became the President Elect and every day that passes proves my grieving more correct than even I wanted to be. At some point during this election, people had their anger manipulated and took that anger to the polls instead of reason. They said they were the normal […]