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  • Thoughts On Evil

    before you try to make oppression or misogyny or racism or so many other things an academic pursuit, please let these two words be your mantra: just don’t.

  • Not-So-Suddenly Seymour

    So there’s a guy. He’s a normal guy working at a plant shop in a somewhat run-down part of town in a plant shop. He’s been there a long time, working for a boss he somewhat likes and mostly loathes. It is this character, Seymour, that we learn to identify with in this movie. We […]

  • This Election In Free Verse: Part II

    It’s been about two weeks now since Trump became the President Elect and every day that passes proves my grieving more correct than even I wanted to be. At some point during this election, people had their anger manipulated and took that anger to the polls instead of reason. They said they were the normal […]

  • This Election In Free Verse

    The grief hit me on the way home on election day and I couldn’t help thinking about how, no matter how things went, everyone was going to hurt. Everyone. I started to pray and the more I did, the more I felt like crying. It felt like something long coming. The stock market started crashing […]

  • Tragedy In Free Verse

    I’m trying to coax this one tear out of the corner of the room and get him to be a bit more social. I woke up to a day that should have had a trigger warning. The hashtag today had my uncle’s name and five kids. I read this shortly after lunch today and slumped […]