Death By Logic

When my blood runs freely in the streets, I wonder if it will have been worth protecting the ideals of things like free speech.

I wonder what it means when someone who knows me, who sees me, takes the time to say, “I sympathize, but….” when I tell them I don’t feel that Nazis shouldn’t be allowed to just say what they want.

I wonder what it means when people compare BLM to the KKK and Nazis saying they are the same while ignoring things like:

  • BLM didn’t run into people with cars that disagreed with them.
  • BLM has multiple factions and that people within those factions take the time to call out other people going, “No, that’s not how we do this” within their own group.
  • That neither of the above apply to the KKK or Nazis.

I wonder if anyone understands the exhaustion of having to walk out into the world like this


while waiting for comments like this whenever you speak about Nazis being allowed to just say what they want whenever:

  • Freedom of speech isn’t freedom from offense
  • Trying to enforce equality with programs like affirmative action is ultimately useless
  • Science says what it says about this
  • Maybe there should be less black on black crime first
  • Well, OK, but maybe if we didn’t call them Nazis, they wouldn’t act this way

My casket will likely be made out of scientific journals and copies of the bill of rights. I imagine that it will be neatly fitted with all of the journals on how the world just is what it is and how no one complained when Obama was president.

I wonder what it feels like to be able to take race out of the picture. I wonder what it’s like to have a president that is willing to stand up for you when people want you silenced or dead. I would love to have someone be able to understand any of these thoughts…

Funny, I can’t even get 3/5 of a compromise about things like this. It would be nice.

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