Dell Customer Service Win

Today, I spoke with Dell customer service while trying to track a package.

I was transferred to customer care and they had things fixed in only a few moments time with minimal hassle.

UPS on the other hand was a hot mess. They got my package and shipped it to the address I specified. I was out of office at the time it was delivered, so they processed my address as “incorrect”, “corrected” it and shipped it 45 minutes away. If you have someone else’s package and you call them because no one is in, leave a note or wait for them to respond to your voicemail. Also, how is my address incorrect if it is printed on the door facing the street in 36pt font?!

It is unacceptable to ship their package 45 minutes away from the place they asked you to ship it to. It is also unacceptable for them to then tell you, “You’ll need to file a claim…”

Um, why don’t you¬†file it since you¬†sent it somewhere without my okay in the first place?

So they get my fail award for the month. Thank you, UPS, for making my life unnecessarily miserable.

Thank you, Dell, for being amazing today.

Now, to attempt to put out the other fires this week.

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