Do What You Can


This week has been a rough one and that has come all the way down to work. Some days, I sit here thinking about all the way we’ve come and what’s been both gained and lost in between.

I feel helpless when I think about how to get back to “the way things used to be” and part of the process for me has been reminding myself that, while we can’t be who we were, we can certainly be better than we are little by little.

Improvement, right?

When I feel my lowest, I walk the office and ask people what would help them the most. Relentlessly. I listen and take notes. I go home and I pray a bit. I come back the next day and ask people when their calendars are open. I schedule time with people and teach them how things work and I watch their understanding grow.

I hope it’s enough.

Some days, the best thing you can do is help someone. Give someone a smile they didn’t have, teach them something they didn’t know, make them feel like the only person that matters for a few moments.

Whatever I continue to water and shed light on will grow eventually. That’s how nature works.


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