Echo Chamber

I’ve reached a point recently where every area of my life mirrors another in some way. While the routine is nice, it leaves me little means of escaping things for a time if only to get space and perspective unless I do something extreme.

Whether at work, at home, or during my D&D campaigns (all 4 of them currently) and other games, I experience a similar echo in terms of experience and even the circumstances that lead to those.

Everything has sharp edges and for the first time in many months, I slept because I was “tired”.

While I wish to be through and over this, moreso than anything, I stopped myself here to ask questions like “where” and “why” rather than “what” or “how”.

In sum, I’m looking at these things without trying to pass them on before they should move and attempting to understand the nature of what all of this echo is pointing to. It’s easier to run, it’s harder to talk to my DM, to my superiors, or to myself even if the reasons vary.

Do the hard thing. Understanding before running, then when you’ve understood, fly.

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