Faith and I: Praise Breaks

Lately, as part of things I am going to unfold about myself, faith is going to be one of them because it infuses and informs everything I do. Today, I’m going to talk about one of my favorite things in church: praise breaks.

Imagine being so filled with joy that you are overwhelmed by it.

Just imagine for a moment that you’re in a room of people and all of the emotions and thoughts that are normally a maelstrom all become directed toward the most loving person you know. Now imagine that, in the outpouring of everything about everything, you find yourself lost in that communion.

Imagine being so filled with joy that you are then overwhelmed by it. That it uses you as a conduit into the world. You just move. You don’t even think about it or what it looks like. It feels like not just your own joy, but the joy of multitudes.

It’s disruptive. It pulls you in like a riptide and right out of the world for a few briefs moments. You try to resist it, but the call is too strong. Too enticing. You’ve touched something sacred and now you have its full, undivided attention. Sometimes, other people see that opening in time and space and they join you, too.

It’s like being in love, really; anyone who has felt it will know what you mean, every word fails to describe it properly, and some songs bring you back to that moment instantly.

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