About a month ago, I was reading some tweets from Sky Williams and replied to a few. In the midst of this, I got some replies from others of his followers. Among them was one person that goes by Anuluxe. We start talking about our mutual enjoyment of League of Legends and I get invited to a game.

It turns out that Anuluxe is a young streamer that currently focuses on League and D&D. During that game, I met some of his friends and earned a nickname for myself which I am using on my twitter gaming account. During that time, we discuss his passions and interests. I’m totally down for him achieving all the dreams and he’s a sweet kid.

Fast forward a few weeks and I decide to try to stream one day to see how the other side lives. I got 5 followers in the same day and one of them wrote in to ask me to record my stream so they could watch later. I wonder if I should think about doing all of this and I think back to Anuluxe. I decide to talk to him about some ideas I have that may also help him do his streaming thing better.

That was last night.

We talk about what he hopes for and what he fears. Mostly what he fears. We talk about the importance of gathering relationships around a vision and asking for help where it is needed. He tells me he has a hard time believing in himself and being worthy of time or attention from the fans that he already has.

As he asks me why myself and a friend of his believe in him, this comes out of my mouth in a moment of total transparency:

I wish someone had believed in me at your age the way I believe in you.

He muted himself for a moment and so did I. I still feel that all the way from last night.

Fact is, we are willing to give a lot of critique and especially to the younger or the outliers, but we rarely give them faith. To be clear, by faith I mean “I believe in you and therefore I will [verb].”

It means time, it means energy, it means sharing my experiences without ego so that you can do what I cannot do and reach who I cannot reach.

I hope that kid takes the moon and the stars right out of the sky and hangs them in his living room. I hope he gets the hundreds of loyal subscribers he wants and I hope he is slightly terrified of his increasing success. I hope he always maintains the character that brought him where he is now.

I wish I knew what more I could do, but I may have already done the best thing possible: believed.


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