Here, Then Gone OR Making A New Friend

It was hour number five and there was no end in sight. The rain fell outside of the bar and we talked about elections and emotions and experience. Jason had only known me for moments while Jami had known me for years.

The conversation flowed as naturally as if we’d known each other for decades.

You see, I’ve been in a more social mode lately; the warm weather and all of nature showing the best of itself, I desire more time outdoors, so I reached out to a few friends to catch up and hang out. This particular Tuesday evening was a time to catch up and talk about any and everything.

As the minutes turned into hours and day turned into night, Jason and I asked the same question: where have you been and why didn’t you introduce us sooner, Jami? You’re a jerkface. XD

We exchanged Facebook information to keep in touch; he would move to Japan in two days and there would be no more of this magic for a time. However, for that night, we made the most of every moment.

I wonder if this was just one of those moments that God chooses to remind me of how beautiful life can be when you open yourself to it; egardless of the new and plentiful options for awful things happening that we can tune into, there is yet beauty in the world.

Thank you, Jason, for that reminder. I hope your travels treat you well.

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