holiday break…

The holidays are coming up and, as much as I love social media for all of the things and connections it provides, I recognize that this time of year can exemplify why social media can be a bad thing from time to time.

You know what came up as I sat at the table with my family? Facebook. Mind you, the stories were hilarious, but this is encroaching on my family time. I did check twitter for fleeting moments and made sure my twitterverse remained somewhat intact, but I did take a few drastic actions:

  1. Did not take the computer with me. Again, I love you all – I really do – but my family is important. So are the late night conversations I have with my friends and roommates that happen to be in the same room.
  2. Set status check and update limits. Most of those told you there will be pictures coming (and there are).

Remember this holiday season – whether you celebrate them or not – that there are these people that are pretty awesome in your life and you need to celebrate them and celebrate with them.

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