I Hate My Phone

At this moment, today, at 9:52 AM, I hate my phone with a burning passion.

I hate this phone…

… and facebook.

… and twitter.

… and my blogs.

I hate it all and I don’t even know where it came from, but I hate it already. I hate the fact that, in my house, as three people living there, we don’t talk to each other about anything important unless it has been posted to facebook first.

Example time. My roommate hurt his shoulder during sparring yesterday. He didn’t say anything when he came in the house. He just shuffled around for a bit and then went to his room. Meanwhile, my other roommate was in his room playing AoE on his computer. Not one word was spoken. Not “hi” or “hello” or “I’m home” or anything.

Minutes later, as I’m tooling around on facebook, I read that he nearly dislocated his shoulder. The details of this were never told to me or posted on facebook. I happened to overhear them at the end of the hall.

Mind you, this is the same even if there are good things going on. No one says or shares anything. They simply post it to facebook and assume that it will be read and discussed. As to the details of the layout of bedrooms in my home, note that there is no more than four steps to walk to the room at the furthest end of the hall.

I’ve mentioned this before – more than once, actually – but it’s biting me today that, as I reflect on the things the world around me that, in sharing more minor information we are sharing less.

I repeat: we are writing more, but sharing less.

Maybe it’s something about having someone actually see you in a moment of weakness. Maybe it’s that something about having to look into the eyes of another and tell them what you think and how you feel, then monitor their body language for approval, disdain, or curiosity. Maybe it’s the fact that we really think that actually speech is wasted on normal, everyday life and should only be reserved for special moments and that, otherwise, people should just read.

Why is actually relating to physical people so inconvenient – no, not hard or difficult but inconvenient – for so many? Mind you, I have friends that I have on Twitter and only there. I have friends on facebook that are impossibly out of reach without it, but my heart hurts when people in the same house or only a mile or two away from me either cannot or, worse, will not talk to me about things that are important to them.

So much so is the pure shock from all of this thinking that I want to throw my cell phone out of the window, close my social media items and simply demand that people talk to me face to face or in the form of a letter only for the the rest of my life. The funny part is that, after all of this, I’m not even mad at the tools.

I’m mad at myself.

I can be just as guilty sometimes of just not communicating. Mind you, it’s not being posted online at those times, but in some places, social media replaces relationships for some people and I need to avoid that. Nothing should take the place of a relationship. Especially social media which is meant to enhance communication not supplant relationships and true connection to others.

I want more communication and less words. I really do.

What do you think? Comment below.

Better yet, email me if you want… or call me if you have my number.