I Read A Book: January Edition


This month, I read Poke the Box by Seth Godin. I meant to read it in small chunks, but ended up reading it all in one night.

Because reasons (read as: insomnia and “let me finish this paragraph” syndrome).

He starts off indicating that this book is, by and large, a rant and manifesto on the importance of taking initiative to start (and finish) things.

Let me say this: Seth does not stray from the path of this rant whatsoever. He was so committed to the one point that it felt like I could have stopped at page 30 and been clear about it.

Or 40.

Or 50.

However, I couldn’t stop reading. Aside from my more obsessive nature while reading, it was just interesting seeing how many ways he could make the point he was making. Bonus points because he doesn’t write long books; this one was 83 pages and he made sure you didn’t take away anything but the one thing he intended you to take for all 83 of them. It was really enjoyable to see that level of laser focus on a single topic.

I believe I’m going to recommend this to a few people at work. In fact, I picked a person to pass the book to when I finished and they are holding it right now. I intend for the full team we have in my department to read this book and then have a dialog about how to apply it.

One Down. Eleven To Go.

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