I Read A Book: May Edition


At the suggestion of one Juan Spir, I picked up this book for the month of May.

I enjoyed the title and was looking forward to reading this book. I got about a chapter in and realized I’m really sensitive to story-telling. Moreso than I thought.

The overall premise of this book is a presentation re: informal, indirect leadership. I liked the principles, but the rest of the story they tried to build around it was just uncomfortable to wade through.

  • I like the informal dialog, but not the parts where they tried to directly address the business principles in conversation. It just didn’t come across as natural.
  • The rest of the story around this just seemed to barely exist just to prop up these principles the author wanted to communicate. It would have made more sense to me to simply just communicate the principles in a direct way or use a massive metaphor (think: Pilgrim’s Progress or The Silent Planet).

That said, while painful, it was brief, so that was the balance. It was also a book recommended to me because I came to mind as an example of the book’s principles. I take this as a high compliment.

My reading of this book came during a moment where I was in a mode to evaluate, so I also considered things about how I’d try to do more and better after reading and had a few ideas. Which ones? Well, if I told you that, what would you come here to read for?

Would I recommend this to anyone? I would with a dash of, “You have to take the book as-is and learn from it…”

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