I'm a Pro-Lifer…

… well, I probably was at one point according to Snipey-chan who says I am actually pro-choice and not pro-life (although I still think I am).

I read this article (thanks to Jennifer) which I then shared with the twitterverse here.

Questions and other comments weren’t far behind.

question question comment comment

And they were just that: questions and comments…

These, however, are the kind of questions and comments that get people talking and more important, they give you an idea of what’s going on behind the silly status updates about my job, coffee, being tired, or having a good/bad/average day.

That said, I’m going to give a little blurb on my thoughts about abortion.

It’s bad. It’s bad in the same way that murder is bad because a person is dying from a reason that isn’t old age and inspires the same sad feelings that I would have if someone I didn’t know died from cancer. I wouldn’t wish it for, on, or to anyone. I would not recommend it. I would not condone or even suggest the idea.

However, I don’t think that’s a matter for the US legal system to decide upon. I don’t think it is something that people should be derided or degraded about. I don’t think the issue is purely black and white to the point that a person that has an abortion is automatically the spawn of satan and I think that people that think so are shortsighted and lack compassion.

That last sentence seems to be resoundingly loud with C/christians (of which I am one) and that sucks.

I used to (and am currently re-thinking) speak on the subject from the pro-life standpoint because I’m mostly anti-things-dying-without-a-good-reason. I’d rather adopt kids that people didn’t want or even give them a quarter of my paycheck than have a (potential) kid die just because – for instance – some teenager decided that “Well, I missed the pill, but I have this as a backup plan…”

That is not okay. Not by a long shot. This is what condoms and GASP abstinence are for.

However, if there is a child somewhere about to be born with a severe developmental disorder, or a woman is going to die in the process of having a baby, or (and may the people who do these things suffer) a woman is a rape victim, I can’t call myself a Christian (or anything else in my mind that even remotely suggests compassion) and demand that people in these situations carry their children to term. I am not – repeat NOT – God to judge or condemn anyone else. I’m a human being just like them and beyond that I dare not trample anyone in those situations underfoot because that is the “right thing to do”.

Fuck all that. If you want to know what I think (and I’m supposing you do if you are still reading): I think the people that have to have abortions know more pain than the people outside of the situation ever will and the only appropriate thing to say to them is nothing. You put your arms around them and you love them. You do not crush them. You do not get on a soap box and preach to them.

That, to me, is more wrong than abortion all day long (which isn’t “wrong” in most cases anyway).

Hopefully you were able to follow all of that.

Now, if you would: breathe, then leave me a piece of your mind about this.

3 thoughts on “I'm a Pro-Lifer…

  1. Yeah – as I said, still seems pro-choice to me. Not liking abortions and wishing people didn’t have them isn’t a trait unique to pro-lifers. Pro-choice people don’t like abortion, they don’t want people to have to resort to them, but they also feel that the law has no business dictating what can and cannot be done with their bodies. Pro-lifers, on the other hand, are specifically joined together to create/change legislation that keeps abortion legal. That is the purpose of that movement. So by your own definition, you are pro-choice.

  2. Sorry, typo. “Pro-lifers, on the other hand, are specifically joined together to create/change legislation that makes abortion illegal.”

  3. Thanks for explaining — for one, I love when people take the time to explain why they think things. In this case, it also makes sense (definitely a plus).

    I think this is something that pro-lifers should really consider. Being pro-choice and pro-abortion are not the same until we decide to demonize people that simply have a different opinion.

    I <3 you, snipey-chan ^_^

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