Impact and Interaction


I’m a fan of exercising my filters and taking the time to follow people that impact a lot of lives. I think all of the people on my timeline are amazing and I love interacting with people.

That said, I had a conversation with Amber online and she found it nothing short of odd that, on a social network, I find myself floored that people like her, Snipey and Yukari take the time to respond to me in the course of a day.

The thing is: no one does this. I could think of a long list of people I follow and they are really cool, but if I were to take a moment to write any of those people right now, I wouldn’t get a word of response. I don’t know if there are just that many voices clamoring for attention or if I’m just not that important or what, but what I know is this: from what I can see, these people are good at impacting but not so good with interacting.

That said, it blows my mind that, with all the meetings, presentations, and other things that Amber does or the infosec things that Snipey does, either one of them will see something I write and reply. It could be long or short. The thing that’s even more interesting is that they don’t just reply once, but a bunch of times. Like whole conversations. It makes me feel all kinds of positive things and honestly, I’d rather have that than and follow that than to be impacted by people I can’t wish a happy birthday to or give a hug and have them say, “Thank you.”

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