In Order To Connect…

…because that is the point of social media. To connect. Doing whatever it takes, saying what needs to be said, sharing what needs to be shared to connect, connect, connect.

Today is going to be a trial with that. I posted this on Twitter, and I’ll post my results here. The challenge was written as follows:

Hey guys, I have a new challenge for the day. I’m going to need you to dig deep for this: tell me something serious about you I don’t know.

So far, here’s what I’ve gotten:

  • My fav film is Jaws, fav colour is black, I’m stuck on the m25 in the rain, I once performed in front of Prince Charles (when I was 7)  🙂 // He visited the area,l the schools got to do their party piece in the local theatre. I remember very little of it, neither does he.
  • okay, i don’t do drugs and hate taking medication because my dad’s side of the family has struggled with addiction and i am  just like them in having an addictive personality. I’m grateful i’m seen my grandfather how he is because it’s kept me from drugs.

As much as I can for today, I will come back to this post and edit with responses. This is what makes social media worthwhile. Connecting like this. I’m not a social media expert. I’m not a marketer. I just like people and I like to connect with them. All of the people I follow on twitter are followed to that end. Here’s what gets me following people on twitter:

  • do you have good conversation with the people I follow? I’m following you.
  • do you inspire the people I follow? I’m following you.
  • do you offer ways for people to lead simpler, fuller, more effective lives? I’m following you.
  • do you take a moment to laugh at yourself and the world around you? I’m following you.
  • do you have a vivid imagination and want to include the world in it? I’m following you.
  • are you passionate about sharing things that are important to you? I’m following you. Especially if I don’t know about it.
  • are you helping others? I’m following you.
  • do you come with high recommendations from people I follow? I’m following you.

Have you noticed that all but one of these items involve my connection to someone else? I have three people on my timeline that are related to me. Everyone else was a friend of a friend that became my friend. That’s another point I want to make. Yes, we can network, we can get each other jobs, helping with website projects and links to various things, but at the end of the day, I’m looking for friends with which I can share my small corner of life. If you don’t want that, social media won’t work. We have enough billboards, pamphlets and posters. What we look for on twitter, even from the people that market things, are people that care about us when we tweet, “I’m having a craptacular day and a migraine headache is not helping…” People to comfort us when we are crying, at home sick from work, or just questioning life around us. Someone who would DM us and say “If you want, I’ll call you. Send me your number…”

It’s just basic stuff to me, honestly. What about you? What do you think?

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