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I’ll say this as many times as I need to until you get my point, so it would do you well — if you do not want me to beat you to death with this topic — to take heed.


Some places are notorious for these places and I’m going to put them on blast right here and now.


This really might the Godsend for you and your business, but it wasn’t for me. I have gotten like .2% value out of it. There’s nothing on the site that I actually use. No engagement. Nothing. I’m annoyed with that. Aren’t you?

***MySpace (or others for that matter)

Yes, I mentioned MySpace.

Shut up. You have one, too.

Just tired of being online, checking, and writing/posting/commenting only to get no return on my investment engagement-wise. You usually get, by default mind you, an email notification that I sent you a message/comment/etc. If you’re logged on for five hours and never actually connect, then why did you add me in the first place?

For your amusement, please insert [Facebook], [Twitter], [Tumblr], [MocoSpace], [Tagged], [other online community or social networking site that someone bugged the hell out of you to join only to NOT talk to you].

Seriously: you’re pissing me off and I’m done with you. All of you. Those accounts will be gone by midnight tonight oro I’m shooting myself in the face. I would say something like, you’ll regret me being gone, but honestly, you weren’t even engaged enough to notice me among the other couple of hundred contacts you had in the first place.


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