Involvement vs Selfishness

I’ve recently been working on a web project and dealing with other personal life things. Looking through all of it and reflecting, I notice a direct relation between involvement and being selfish.

Allow me to explain.

I make websites every here and there as I get requests and the things that I’m asked for, oftentimes, are nothing short of incredible.

“If you have a few minutes, can you make a quick flash intro?”

Not even kidding. The thing I’m noticing is that my incredulity is proportional to the request and the requests are proportional to the amount of involvement on the part of the requester. To simplify: those who are involved more ask for less.

It’s a funny thing, but very true. People that contribute don’t ask nearly as much. That said, they think more carefully about the things they request than people that aren’t involved in whatever the process is. I understand, but it’s still a bit staggering to me that people truly believe that, just because they aren’t involved in the process of doing something that they can literally request that I create a living unicorn from a post-it note and actually be upset if I do not/cannot perform this task.


This shouldn’t even have to be said, but since it bears much repeating: think about the things you ask and how it will affect other people, timelines, and processes before¬†asking. People will love you — especially the people who are more closely involved than you — because you at least show a sign of having both compassion and brain cells.

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