Jumping and Stepping

Today on twitter, Amber asked this question:

So what are you struggling with today? What’s your triumph? Give up the goods, people.

My answer was this:

my struggle? jumping. my triumph, making solid, steps without a way to go backward.

So you’re wondering about the bridge? Yes, that was for jumping. The reason why I picked that image is because that’s how jumping feels; “I’m going to die from this.”

The fact is, jumping is still hard. I’m still in the same town I’ve been in since ten, but my heart is to travel the globe one day. Japan, Spain, parts of Europe, Australia, South Africa… I wanna see it all and meet people that don’t speak my language and learn from them and live a little bit of their lives.

On the other hand, I’ve made steps. Really small in some cases. Almost imperceptible, but they have brought big changes.

  • I started doing pushups, situps, pullups, curls, and squats. I started with 2 sets of 20. Since then, I’ve gone from that to 3 sets of 25 to 4 sets of 25 to 3 sets of 30. I can do full negative pullups (they were half-negative at the start). It’s brought me strength.
  • I’ve minimized and kept things minimal and simple and that makes my room such a place that people feel peace just from walking in the door.
  • I’ve stepped out into the community more and have met some interesting developers in the area I can learn from.
  • I’ve been a bit more brave about numbers and pricing for designing websites.

All of these little steps, though, are moving toward a run and in that moment, I’ll take a leap. It could be a year from now. It could be tomorrow. Whenever I jump, you’ll know and it will be awesome. For now, I simply celebrate taking steps forward into the things I dream and enjoying what’s around me at each step and am content with the fact that I’m not going backward.

Sometimes, that’s all the courage you need to change your life; just making every effort not to turn around can change you perspective (and decision making processes) dramatically.


What do you think? Leave me a comment and be sure to thank Amber for asking that question.

2 thoughts on “Jumping and Stepping

  1. Why do we often seem to go through the same phases in life at similar times? 🙂 I’m proud of you, friend.

    I’ve decided to do the same. I’m going to really–REALLY–plug into my church here…and get into its coffee ministry. 🙂 Small steps…Sometimes it’s harder to stay put, but it can totally be worth it.

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