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So the people of facebook (and those that took it there… twitter), started a short meme in which someone used a private medium to send you a number and then made a public response attaching that number to it.

Some people didn’t understand the game; I don’t understand why… it has a million incarnations like the ‘why what’s up?’ game). In any case, it’s one of those things I like because it is positive. We rant and roar all over the web and there’s a place for that. We post a bunch of random things here and there about all manner of other things like what we ate, where and with whom and the alcohol that we imbibed with it, but we often overlook these small bursts of positivity (or just honesty about a person) thinking it is cheesy…

It might be, but participate now and then anyway. I’ll be posting them here for a while longer because (1) I like the trend and (2) posting here allows me to say more.

Here’s what I’ve recently written.

#23: it was an odd meeting. i’d never been camping or in a cabin or in the woods like that, yet there i was — the new guy. of all the guys i met there, you were one of the most silent, interesting, emotional, grounded guys and it was just awesome getting to know you. of all the people that even remember me from that time, i only regularly talk to two. one of them is you and for that, i’m thankful. no seriously: i’m glad God let me keep you around. i love how you try to see past the surface to the heart of everyone and how honest you are with other people and yourself, even when it’s hard. i really think you are a man after God’s heart and it’s one of the things i love about you… aside from your japanese and anime geekiness and your mad freerunning skillz 😉

#2: hey soul sister. although i am, for all practical purposes, a sounding board and general tech guy, friendship is taking root and i like this. in spite of your own thoughts, so you know, you’re a beautiful, loveable person and your friends are fortunate people (so is your mom and your dog and your brother). embrace that. you should and have the right to do that. your fear of bees is mildly amusing. please forgive me that indiscretion. other than that, you’re just generally neat.

#385769: it’s odd and interesting how we became friends. i just saw you posting on someone’s timestream and that led to me following you, you following back and so on like so many other twitter people. the one thing i didn’t expect was for us to get on as well as we did and we continue to. it went from occasional “hi” and “hello” to just meaningful talk about this and that. i wish you and C weren’t upset with each other, but i’m glad i can still be friends with both of you. i’m learning more about you and hope that continues. it’s been ages since we’ve properly spoken and hopefully we can work on that soon, yeah? ♥ ♥ ♥

#07734: ever the insightful mind, i’ve enjoyed a ton of our conversations and emails on everything from music to masturbating and back again. also you often say that you don’t feel like yourself, i see the person you were when i look at you and i have hope that he will rise again. although it is tiring, i want to ask you to keep fighting to love – others and yourself. “rage against the dying of the light”. it can be very much an uphill battle at times, but i believe in you. and btw, i love as much as i know about you. ♥ ♥ ♥

Here’s everything I wrote before:

#7: you have to be the most abrasive, hilarious and loveable combination of personality ever made and i get to be related to you. that’s awesome. aside from that, it sucks you’re like a million miles away. if i ever manage to get this shit in gear, i might be able to see you for a day or two. at least you’re going to g…et that one thing :3 keep doin’ you (and i’m sure you will).

#09283: *cuddles* i miss that, the wedding song and fuzzy fuzzy cute cuteness. I’m still waiting on that visit, but don’t take too long or my job will kidnap me. I hope things are going well or that at least you will tell me if they aren’t. I’m definitely glad that I met you and that you met both of me *insider*. We need to get drunk somewhere [lol. we’d never in a million years].

#867-5309: you have to be the snarkiest person i have ever met. i think you have about three sarcastic things to say about every single thing you run into. the way you communicate your insights to life and the stupid things people do is more than priceless. “coonery and buffoonery” don’t even begin to cover just the phrases i have learned from you. ♥

#41: honestly didn’t see you coming. your friendship was a bit of a surprise to me, but here we are and it’s wonderful. so expressive and super sweet. it’s been a blast getting to know you and i’m sure it will continue to be. people like you make me thankful that God loves to sneak in a couple of surprise friendships in life now and then.

#4444444.4: i don’t know how on earth you ever thought i was cool enough to hang out with you — the people you hung out with were way cooler. still tho, love you to death. you are a big ball of potential and hidden talent. you need to act on it. seriously. and get out of WV. ♥ ♥ ♥

#72384076: you are the kind of evil i walk up to and put bows on. shiny, pink bows… in a world of teletubbies. other than that, in spite of the hell you’ve been through, you’re priceless. i find your perspectives on so many things refreshingly realistic and just funny. you need to finish our d&d adventure, btw.

#16: it’s funny that we didn’t become friends until after the person that introduced us moved out of town, but it’s awesome. i hope you know you’re beautiful in spite of the fact that you end up with some crappy people. don’t worry so much, things even out. living a good life is sweet revenge. you owe me a shopping tri…p and i will not let you forget that.

‎#8888: well, in answer to your specific question: i didn’t think we would talk that much. mind you, you were a pretty cool guy, but you know that “hey, you’re neat, but we probably won’t run into each other that much or have much to talk about when we do” feeling you get about other people? yeah. that. i was delightful…ly wrong and i’m enjoying that thoroughly. ♥

#48: i thought after we stopped working together that i probably wouldn’t hear from you again as you would probably go on to other things in different places. the internet really does make the world smaller and that’s cool sometimes. fierce? not even the word for you. you’re hilarious. especially when you’re mad. like …that status where you were going to put some hands to some random chick. rock on ms ma’am.

#13: 13 is actually one of my favorite numbers. aside from that, you know what, i didn’t think you would be friends with me because, for all practical purposes, your best friend hates me for an unknown reason. even in spite of that, you continue to invest in being my friend and that means a lot. i love your honesty and… passion for life. don’t let your career steal either of those from you ever. love hard always. ♥

#3: when we first met you were bubbly. still are. you get depressed and emo at some of the weirdest times and those are usually when you decide not to talk to me. stop that. it’s not like i’m not your friend. i miss you to pieces. i’m glad i met all of you guys freerunning and then just hanging out at my house througho…ut the summer. it’s also cool running into when i do. keep your head and skype me now and then.♥ ♥

‎#768: ♥ ♥ starting off any other way wouldn’t have worked. you know, to look on the outside, people would see a very austere personality, but you are so very warm, imaginative, and even hopeful. it’s awesome. there’s so much i love about you and i’m glad you decided to stick out this whole friendship thing. it blesses …me all the time at the most random moments. visit me. both of you, dammit.

‎#12: the only thing that drives me insane — i mean batshit nutty — about you is your girl craziness and the details therein. other than that, you’re a cool and quirky guy. me and you are probably going to fight one day due to exchanges of pure, caustic snarkiness, but then again we could just …be civil about it. don’t be a stranger.

#45: you’ve gone from being quiet, but real, to real and out loud with it. i love that about you. you’re cool, down to earth, and make your own jewelry. the people that manage to get into your heart are few and lucky people.

‎#07734: you’re hilarious and random and funny and a good mom. i’m glad i met you. who would have known that because of my sister (and then yours) that we would be friends. i didn’t. no complaints here at all though. rock on!

‎#8885: what a beautiful woman you have become. i remember playing at grandma’s house and you scratching the hell out of me when i tickled you. i bet you punch people now lol!!! just so you know, you’re awesome! hopefully i will get to see you sooner than later. i miss you more than i have words to express. it’s been too long. ♥ ♥ ♥

#28: you’re still the most insightful person i have met at your age. there’s still so much about you to learn and understand, but the connection we have is deep. at one point, i thought i lost that and it hurt a lot, but since then it’s become even stronger and i’m sure there’s a lifetime of that to experience. i reall…y hope you get to travel and perfect your art. i love you. ♥ ♥

#90: in spite/because of how we met, you would think it would be one of those passing moments, but people like me (and you) persist in talking and friendship starts. you’re hilarious, sweet, and fun to talk to anytime. hopefully we’ll get to catch that NY trip. if not, cali works. 😉 RAWR ♥

#042: omg she wears yellow!!!! ♥ ♥ your raw honesty and passion for almost everything artistic. you’re also just downright funny. ♥ ♥ we need to hang out more. seriously.

#0756: guess you finally decided to add me after seeing me comment on your friends page. that friendship is priceless, btw. you? serious, then silly, and sometimes in the same 5-minute span. I love that about you. You seem like there’s more to you than you will ever tell anyone in a million years. We should hang out one day for real. RAWR

#2010: listening to soulful music in general reminds me of you. so many songs sung and memorized. so much of just life shared. i think we’ve been everywhere and then some and somehow we managed to stay together. i’m looking forward to getting even closer and finally getting to hold my spear and yell that tribal yell. then we can hit up this commune 😉

#7: “that ain’t scripture” doesn’t even begin to cover it. you’re one of those old schoolers that knows who i really am at full potential and i love that about you. from step team, to LJ, you’ve been there. when you graduated for a while there, i thought i wouldn’t hear from you again. thank God for FB, right? it’s a blessing – an absolute blessing to know you. ♥ ♥

‎#777: “hasta k se rompa/convierte en polvo/se sangre/se explota…. maldito tanque del gobierno en fuego”. eres una amiga especial. sucks k estamos tan ocupado y no nos vimos pero un dia, verdad? >_< in any case, eres awesome y fierce! WEPA!!!! ♥ ♥

‎#2233: musicals, opera, and so many other things. who knew we would have so many likes in common. you are one of the most mature ladies i have ever met. i’m sure you’re all kid-like and girly somewhere deep in there, but you’re awesome all around. i’m glad you’re in college and doing your thing. at the same time, i mis…s you a lot. keep me posted and don’t be such a stranger, mmk? ♥ “i loves”

#92390: You won’t figure out that this is you. That’s ok. You’re just a cool guy. A forum. Ha. You would think that would have just disappeared, but you hung in there and we’re still chatting and just being stupid every so often. It’s nice. You’re a cool guy. As much as you fought for it, I’m glad you got a good job yo…u can like and even grow it. Rock on, LASPOSITAS. Rock on. RAWR!

#121004: sometimes i vascillate between “what is wrong with you?” and “what is wrong with everyone else”. you’re awesome and honest and just a good friend and everyone else that says different can kick rocks. i honestly think you need to kick half the people in your life out of it and make room for people that love you…. period. other than that, i miss you a lot. now if mr man would act right, you’d have a full set :/

‎#7366: hey there, love (both of you). “lucky i’m in love with my best friend…” “ooooh… when you’re coooold…. i’ll be theeeere….” just so many good songs we share not to mention a friendship full of love. you’re absolutely adorable and slightly spastic and you’re still a good mom on top of all of those things. i…’m super glad i met you and the crew and i’m looking forward to a whole lifetime of that love ♥ ♥

#9285: you know, i’d like to get to know you better, but you make my friend there super happy and anyone that makes him that happy and enjoys all the sushi he likes to eat, anime he likes to watch, and supports his filming endeavors is a force to be reckoned with. we need to get together. all of us.

#1337: you nerd 😛 okay seriously: guess what?…. “i have to pee”. being more serious for a moment, you are beyond priceless (including your allergy to black mold). meeting you in college was one of the things that made that place special and you moving to everywhere then back again never kept us more than an email or… text apart. i miss you. we really need to hang out and catch up and all that. when can we do that?

#8787: well met! i met you amidst many a rumor – and mostly disparaging – about you and.. well… they were wrong and you were awesome and still are! i couldn’t have picked a better person for you to end up with and on top of that, you have epic tackle hugs. i miss those, and you too. we need to talk more. we really do. ♥ ♥ ♥

Those are the ones I’ve done so far. Want one of your own? Email me a number or send me a DM (for twitter folks) or message (for FB folks) and I’ll write a blurb about you, too. I’ll be honest and wonderful and mean and maybe all of that at once. Try not to repeat numbers (like #7 for instance).

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