Just For a Tea

I really just wanted a cup of tea today. I have rent and utilities and all this other stuff to think about and in the middle of this is a lady from Plan International telling me to sponsor a kid.

I tried to explain my situation at home — the utilities, increased bills for varying reasons, helping other people with this or that — and she, the lady speaking, pointed out my cup of tea that I had gotten for $2.62 from Starbucks moments ago.

So I thought as she asked me to sign up right then about what this means. I try not to sign up for things like this because I don’t want to be stuck with anything other than utilities and my phone that I have to pay for every month…

I could live with the expense if I planned it out a bit and at that point, it became a choice between doing something good or trying not to be inconvenienced. I didn’t really have an option at that point..

So, I stood outside and I looked at the sky, the trees, the wind, I closed my eyes. I thought about what I was doing and what I was being asked to do. $30 per month. One kid. Possibly a positively affected community.

Well, it was more than the cup of tea I went out for, but I think I can deal with that.

Let me open this packet and see what’s inside…

2 thoughts on “Just For a Tea

  1. empty space empty space empty space lol

    You have to be careful with some of these “donation” agencies… alot of times it’d make way more sense to just send money directly to the individual (the kid) in point. Lot’s of organizations like those are pretty corrupt and really only make use of a small percentage of their monthly “donations”… *non-profit organization.

  2. You have a point. I don’t know exactly what or where it’s going either way, but I’m not there, so there’s only so much I can factor in before making a decision. I’ll just take it on a test drive and do what I can.

    The warning is well-given, though.

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