Letting Things Happen


It’s been a few months of taking in information and news about everything from politics, religion, and beyond and I think I’m full which is to say that I have to take a break to process everything.

Have you ever felt so overwhelmed and sad, but just kept reading and reading and… you know what? Let’s sit down here for a moment and process things. Let’s not pick up any more rocks from these shores. If you follow my finger, you’ll see other people picking up rocks, too.

We can take a break for a moment together and talk about the ones we’ve picked up.

And stop reading.

And tweeting.

And just let our feelings about everything, dammed up behind out need to keep our composure and remain strong and resist finally justĀ happen to us for just a bit. Break our the tea and the journals and wait for the tide to come in…

…and ride it.

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