Me and 2016.


In my last post, I talked about a few things I wanted to stop doing and start doing this year for work. However, I do have the rest of my life to attend to outside of that sphere, so I have some related goals for that.

The overall theme is simplification. This is always a thing with me, so you’ll see a form of it every year. Within that, there are some tasks to get me where I want to go, so I’ll start from there.

First, let’s talk about what I actually want.


  • More writing. Personal writing, updating this blog, keeping my feeds on twitter and LinkedIn flowing with more work-related things. Just more of it.
  • More art. I have pads and things lying around everywhere. Drawing needs to happen. These tattoos I want aren’t going to design themselves.
  • More movement. Yes, exercise. I’m not even making this one really big, however, or I won’t do it. However, I have some small concrete things I’m already doing to make this a solid thing and so far, so good.
  • More nerding. I want to write more code. PHP specifically. I also want to do more front-end stuff and for that… well, that leads me to….
  • Less of everything else. If it doesn’t help me get where I’m wanting to go, I’ll just decrease it to a level I can manage or stop altogether.

The underlying current here is that I want to create and that means I will have to make room for this somehow. It’s pretty easy; I’m up for two hours of completely empty time due to sleeping patterns. That’s 5:30AM – 7:15AM. I think it’s doable.


Some of this is going to take a while to work on and build, but the start of all of this is very simple. Here’s the seed I’m going to plant to grow all of this:

  • Write for 30 minutes every day. Journal, blog, morning, evening, doesn’t matter. Having it happen at the same time every day would help, but for now, I just need the consistency of having the writing occur. The rest of the regimen can come later.
  • Pick an exercise and do 20 reps of that exercise every other morning. This seems to be working out pretty well so far and I feel good about doing it. Again, the goal is to grow consistency to the point that I feel like something is amiss if I don’t do it.
  • Complete this classA number of things came together that will allow me to take this class. The setup was so perfect, it’s almost like God Himself made it happen. So far, it’s great. I need to complete a lesson this week, though.
  • Code with a friend every week and try to write 20 lines of code. It’s just 20 lines. I’ve typed that much explaining why I was writing this blog. I can do this. The person I’m working on this goal with is Marc Towler. He has a blog here where you can read about all of his adventures.
  • Pick an area of my house and clean/redesign it. Most of this will be channeled into probably sending this stuff to goodwill or to friends that need whatever I have more than I do. An ode to less, if I do say so myself.

So that’s all for personal goals. Look for more work-related musings on my next post.

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