More Time for Nothing

I should remake this wallpaper with the sensibilities I have now, but I need this reminder to make more space for myself to do nothing.

It was last week when, as I thought about what I wanted to do this weekend and so on that I realized I haven’t had a day where I do nothing. There’s always some project to work on, work to be moderately stressed about, a family issue, politics and social issues and their entourage of grief and I have not one day for myself in the middle of it.

You would think that doing nothing would take no effort, but at this point in my life, doing nothing takes an incredible amount of effort and discipline and, to be honest, although I’ve known that you have to make time for yourself, I haven’t realized on a visceral level how hard that is.

What I’ve learned is that it’s not just turning things off or putting things on airplane mode and taking a walk to the park or the beach or to the top of a mountain peak with an instagram-worthy view. It’s the ability to discipline yourself to avoid the temptation to fill all of your time with activity or planning for activity.

Here, allow me to be more profound: doing nothing means being just as present and mindful in our rest as we are in our activity.




It’s hard to not think of more than the moment we are in, but some days, that’s exactly what we need. On a personal note, I’m somewhere between here and there on a regular; I’m a kid, I’m an old adult, I’m in college, I’m a 40-year-old professional…

… and I’m rarely in my room on a Thursday afternoon and just enjoying being in my room. Maybe having a papasan chair in the corner might help here.

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