New Horizons

Today was a good day to expand horizons. I went to visit the guys at FourAthens and went to a code retreat this morning after handling some stuff after work (good grief that day; a five hour project took 10 straight. Utter bull…).

It was good. I felt like I was in over my head the moment I walked in. Everyone else was well-established as a developer. I just wanted to learn, so I kept that in mind and decided that I would stay in and play anyway. We had to recreate the program logic for the Game of Life.

They had you do whatever you could do to recreate the logic for 45 minutes, then erase it all and start again with varying twists:

  • don’t use conditional statements — only recursion.
  • have a partner test, then add to it
  • don’t talk to your partner, but work together
  • work on the project, then switch with another group’s code and extend it. you can’t talk to the group that made the code you swapped with
So many things like this. It points out things I’ve always known: I can get the logic easy and I even know what I need, I just don’t know how to ask the program for it. That said, the guys there were all really cool and gave me lots of ideas for how to get where I was going.
I got further than Morgan did, but even he went up by what I consider leaps and bounds today.
After that (and I was sad to go), I went to Starbucks where Jami said, “You must have sensed I was having a bad day and came to make me feel better.” I smiled and gave her my root beer. After that, I saw these cranberry bliss bars, and had to have some. I ordered about $20 worth of stuff. She charged me for coffee, tea, and one bar, but gave me six.
So good omnomnomnomnom……
I walked out smiling, and she was happy with her root beer. I think she needed that.
We all do.
It’s good to go to events like this. It definitely leveled me up as a dev and inspired me to see such a cool tech community to plug into and chill with. I’m excited about what I’m about to learn!!!

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