No Commitments

This month will be the first of a possible two in which I will abide by the following: no new commitments.

I suppose that everyone has these moments, but if you don’t, you should consider it. Step into the stream of your busyness and need to acquire, conquer, ship or whatever and just decide to stop taking on more things to do. Take that time and focus on doing awesome stuff with whatever you have on your plate right now.

Here’s the catch, though: once you get your plate clear, put nothing else on it.

Nothing. No new trips. No new expenses. No scheduled/planned hangouts. Nothing. Declare a moratorium on mental/life noise and clutter and add stillness and renewal to your life.

On this note, I have six things I’ve committed to for this month:

  • learning to develop in android
  • a couple of website projects
  • a graduation ceremony
  • a trip to six flags

I have nothing else on my calendar. I may do some things — like the Renaissance Festival — or I may not. That depends on feelings, but no planning. I will be taking on absolutely nothing new otherwise.

Now you try. Tell me what you think.

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