Not Quite, But Just Fine


Today was a book report day, but I haven’t finished the book yet. That will be coming up very soon. However, I didn’t meet that goal.

I have a task management app that is also noting some things I need to do but haven’t done yet.

This article probably should have gotten written on Sunday afternoon, but I didn’t feel like writing that day.

However, in the middle of all of this “failing”, there’s been a lot of growth. Here’s what I did instead of doing what I was supposed to do:

  • Helped my supervisor come up with a possible new role and department to improve my team and all of the company around me.
  • Came up with a potential fresh idea for how to handle basic support in an fun and interactive way.
  • Spent time with a friend that needed a shoulder to lean on while she heals.
  • Educated my friends and others on varying social issues.
  • Came up with a plan for content for some after-work fun.
  • Planned a trip to Carowinds which I’ve never been to.
  • Scheduled my optometrist appointment.

This is not even to mention that every book I read this year is one more book than I read the year before. Suddenly, I’m not exactly failing, but I may be delayed and that is OK.

It is OK to not always arrive on time. Do the work and do your best and do your best to be punctual; my grandmother liked to say “Some say ‘It’s better late than never’ but it’s better never late”…

…and she gave me grace when I needed it just like I will for this book I’m taking time to understand and absorb for the next couple of weeks. Then I will be on to the next one I borrowed to read, devour, and fall in love with hopefully.

Yes. Ship.

Yes. Get things done.

And yes. Give yourself a bit of a breather from striving to meet goals for self-improvement. You’re not in competition with the world all the time. Sometimes, there’s only you.

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