Not That Serious (I'm Stupid Sometimes)

So Amber posted something the other day. I hadn’t really thought about it that much really until I noticed a pingback message in my inbox and I felt relief.

You see, she wrote a post about things she wished other people knew about her only a few weeks ago and, after sharing, invited other people to share. It seems that a lot of people wanted to share as well. She thought it would be cool to share the things that other people shared so that we could learn more about them. I sent one in thinking it would be cool to be featured on there for one day.

After a while of waiting (maybe a couple of weeks), I started to wonder if she’d read the post that I shared and even more if she even cared about what I had written at all in my corner of the web. Then I had a Julien-esque moment midstream: what on earth would she care for? Mind you, Amber is a very cool person. Very friendly, very compassionate, just all around sweet with a little bit of rebel thrown in, but it’s just a post on my blog that I shared. It’s not that serious.

I’m not that serious.. and apparently, I’m stupid sometimes, because it did end up linked to her blog, anyway. No, I wasn’t featured, but that’s not why I wrote it even though I hoped for it. I wrote my post because I wanted to.

The very idea of hoping to become world-famous because of this blog is both awesome and utterly ridiculous. Could it happen? Well, all things are possible. At the same time, it shouldn’t matter. I wrote this because I want to give to others, not just to gain for myself and that’s what I’ll continue to do.

At the same time, does it feel good to be recognized? To get comments? To see this shared and re-tweeted? You bet. Sometimes I amaze myself and how happy I get when Scott Herman likes something I post on his facebook wall here and there. I mean, it’s a basic thing: we want to be seen and recognized. Mostly in a positive way. That’s ok. What’s not okay is freaking out about it — even a little.

In short, be awesome. Be recognized. Don’t freak out about it.

You. Are. Not. That. Serious.


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