Nothing to Forgive

Well, excepting myself. I should apologize for almost submitting to the idea that I have to write something. The truth is: I don’t. I do feel the strong urge to write, but for the sake of all of you that will ever take the time to read this blog, I think that I should only write when I actually have things to say that are of value. Right now, while I have a ton to say about a lot of things, those things are more about my personal life developments and most of those are micro-revolutions in my own world that don’t really help everyone.

I have no problem with sharing — seriously, ask anyone — but I will not do is pretend to have more to say than I do. It’s been a few weeks since I’ve written and it might be a few more before I do, but at the very least, when I do write, it will be worth reading.

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