Of Muscles and Men

I happened to be on the net and stumbled upon this article about musculature.

I suppose there is a lot to be said here, but I think a strong Amen!” will do. I won’t take too long and waste words, but my thoughts are something like this: I’m not built for bulk.

I’m an ectomorphic body type. Here’s a pretty simplified explanation of that idea from Wikipedia. The idea is that I have to work ten times harder than someone of a different body type to gain these massive muscles that I don’t want. Let me repeat: I don’t want. Why? I don’t need size, I need strength. You don’t have to be big to be a badass. If you need an idea of what I’m talking about look up Jet Li or Bruce Lee or Tony Jaa.

Point made.

That said, I’m not a vegan — I like cheeseburgers way too much to be one — but the person who wrote this article gets my props and I appreciate the thought he puts into this and the experience he shares.

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