On Letting Go

It has taken quite some time for me to get around to doing… well, a few things, but mostly the deletion of my old site at wordpress.com. You see, I was in-between holding on and letting go.

Mind, I had the .xml files copied. I uploaded them to the new domain here (holy cow, I have a domain with my name on it. I’m official, y’all), but I just couldn’t let go.

However, spring is always new energy for me and there I’ve found more focus for creative things I’ve wanted to do. In addition to that, there has been a number of things I’ve had to deal with in my ongoing battle with focus.

Maybe it’s a spring cleaning, but I have been working on steadily clearing things out of the way and it’s been fun. Today, was my twitter account. It was interesting to observe how many times I went to check for the app even when I knew I had deleted it from my phone.


Following that, I finally found the energy and space to do the following:

All of these meant many things over many years and they may even make their way here in part, but it was quite the feeling; casting off the shore and not stopping out of concern for how I might feel about it later can be just what the doctor ordered some days.

If you’ve followed me to this spot on the net to see what I might say or write, know that I appreciate you and welcome you.


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