Productive Days

There are a million million posts on being productive and with that said, I’m writing another one.

That out of the way, the thing that is the most important about being productive isn’t what or how much or how many or even how often. I think the most important thing about being productive is why.

In sum, if you have a good why, the how makes little difference. I’m not productive at all without a good why, but with a good why I can make strawberry-flavored mountain  soap in the blink of an eye (or clear a SCRUM board). If you want more productivity in your life — if you are wondering where the productivity in your life went — look at your why. Nine times out of ten, it’s because you don’t even see the why behind what you’re doing and you automatically file it away as “this is so much b.s., so eff that…”

If you want more productive workers — especially your creatives — give them a good why (and in some cases, a good where). They’re creative people, so they don’t need to be given a how unless you’re working in government compliance.

Today, I ran from the bus to my office because I have a good why. Actually, an amazing why. I love the people I work with and we are doing awesome things together. I haven’t checked FB in two hours and will probably ignore social media all day today (not that I need a special reason to ignore it; I have a life away from that and that life is interesting) because I have a good why.

You’re following me, yes?


So today, before you touch anything or make the calls or schedule the meetings, look around for that why and when you find it, do one of two things:

  1. Embrace that why and rock as hard as you can. I mean, I want you to ball out of control.
  2. Drop the b.s. and find a why that makes you nearly teary-eyed with gratitude, then follow that why with an appropriate how.

Now go forth and be awesome.

That is all.

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