Reaching In by Reaching Out

It seems like a normal, commonplace thing to me to do. I simply walk into Starbucks and order whatever happens to be on my mind at the time.

During that time, I’ll speak to the employees and in that time I learn about them. In particular, what they do outside of work. This has gotten me into interesting discussions about the weather, world economic collapse and varying artistic ventures. In one case, it even got me an invite to instagram.

When I come in, if I see certain people I take the time to ask them how things have progressed since the last time I saw them in their outside-of-work ventures. Today, that got me an invite to the next photo adventure a particular barista likes to go on.

What I’ve learned is that, even though it’s rare to see someone act on it, everyone loves¬†and jumps at the opportunity to speak about their passions.¬†Sometimes, it’s just the novelty of the moment; it is rare to run into someone that comes into your place of work and seems to be even mildly concerned about something other than the thing they want at that moment. In this case, rare that someone makes eye contact with you for longer than the moments it takes to place your order and even more rare to have someone say something more than “oh, well that’s cool….” and probe even further and maybe even more rare to have them ask how that particular thing is progressing.

I think that kind of genuine concern is the beginning of many opportunities to learn, grow, befriend, and even make a little cash depending on the situation.

If I could say that there is anything I enjoy, it’s people. I’m really into them and getting them talking about even the most odd and obscure things that they love and developing an interest in their interests as an extension of themselves.

At the very least, I have a couple of chances to take photos in Atlanta and further develop my own interest in photography.

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