Refugee Conflict

i'm part irish

So I heard that there are a number of Syrian refugees wanting to come to America to escape conditions where they are from.

There’s not much that I understand about the situation, but there’s something I’d like to say about the related commentary: sometimes, the best answer is silence.

Everything I’ve seen being said, I’ve seen being said without thinking. Either you have no heart if you refuse the refugees, or your un-american if you allow them in. No one seems to be considering the true implications of either.

Resources. Resources in the US can’t be that scarce if even the people on welfare have iPhones. The argument here rings hollow and seems to be more about people being inconvenienced – that truthfully won’t be even mildly affected – than actual concern for the people in the nation.

Also, we’re kind of a nation of refugees in case we forgot. Well, some of us, anyway.


On the other hand, we have actual concerns to consider. Like, legit concerns. I could be inviting refugees or the enemy and I don’t know what to think about the small percentage that the good guys could include the bad guys. This wouldn’t be a hard decision to make if I weren’t aware of things like Trojan Horses.

I don’t know that I think it is okay to risk anyone’s lives without careful screening of every single person we allow here and then even so we might not catch everyone, so that leaves the chance that cataclysm could find its way into our midst. Is the 1% worth the risk? I’m not confident enough to say it is or that it isn’t.

There are no simple decisions for this. No easy decisions. No “this is clear to anyone that has any logical sense of reviews history” because the truth is that, just like the United States, the world as a whole has a history of people being both wonderful and terrible and there is nothing bad to be said of anyone that is on either side of the line.

What I can say is that we need to have a bit more respect for both each other and for the people we are speaking of. I don’t think there’s enough times I can repeat this: the plight of a people is just that. Not a political platform. Not something we use as ammo for how right we are. Plight. Suffering. The difference between life and death for a person and/or a family.

We need to dig a little deeper into our convictions and the reason for them before we flood the world with it.

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