Not being everywhere online has made me annoyingly aware of one fact: we have a lot of time.

No, we don’t have forever, but man we have more time than I thought. All of that was being spent on facebook and twitter and without those things, I have to think of where to spend all of that time now. Let me tell you: it’s insane how much time I can waste when I want to. I could make six figures if it were a job. No lie.

That said, being away from things has encouraged me to be mindful about my time. Does that mean I never waste time? Hell no, but it does mean that I am more mindful about doing things that need to be done and being aware of where my time is going and that’s always a start; in some ways, it’s the important part.

Among my other reasons for starting this whole venture, a big reason was getting a better grip on where my time was going and being spent. I’ve spent more time working, working out and being with people. I’ve even finished a book or two. I’m not advocating that you abandon social media and live in a forest, thereby becoming a hermit sage, but I am always one to suggest taking a moment to step back and look around and ask “is this where I want to be?”. I think we could all stand to ask that question about our loves more often.

What do you thin?

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