Remember and Re-joy

I was out during the course of my normal day and reading through my timeline on twitter, laughing the entire trip through.

Mind, everything was the same – Trump is awful, people justifying him are awful – but for that day, I got to lay that aside and just enjoy being. I went out with friends later and had a beer with some donuts. People noticed them and I shared. I sat on a porch and shared gifs and we talked about dating and work and all of the small things that make life worth living altogether.

Somehow, that was enough. Somehow, that was satisfying.

While I understand that I have plenty to be angry about as a person who thinks about what is happening around them, I also have to allow myself to dance with joy when she offers her hand, whether the dance is long or short.

I understand that struggle; how can I laugh with the whole of the world on fire in a land that makes light of oppressed people with a president that dislikes everyone like me – or just not like him – and all of that…

…but also, I will laugh and pet the cute puppy that walked up next to me and take comfort from the bartender who remembers that I wanted the banana-flavored rum and coke without even having to ask.

If you’re listening out there, remember that the joy you run into, however brief, is your gift. You have every right to open it up.

One thought on “Remember and Re-joy

  1. This text game me a little bit o joy for a while, it was so cheerful and enjoyable to read.

    For tomorrow I’ll give myself a challenge to let it all aside and enjoy the little things in life, thank you for the idea and reminder!

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