Shedding to Replenish

This last week and a half has been an amazing week in learning what I am able to happily do without.

I took my rule of ten and applied it to my follows on twitter. I had 121 followers when I started and now I have 69 (shut up). I thought about why I was following each person as I unfollowed them and came to some conclusions:

  • I follow a lot of people because my friends talk to them a lot. That’s silly in some cases. Mind you, I’ve gotten some nice follows from that (Amber, Tamadear, snipey-chan: I’m looking at you). They were worth keeping and I kept them, but they are exceptions to the rule. In general, just because your friends follow someone and talk to them a lot doesn’t make them a good follow for you. An @mention when they say something that sparks your interest is just as effective.
  • I follow a lot of people and ad accounts that make a lot of noise. Making noise now and then isn’t a deal-breaker for me: a lot of my friends say very silly things on my timeline from time to time and I enjoy that about them. It’s cute, it’s funny and helps my day pass just a little quicker when I’m struggling to get through. What I don’t like is when I deal with that kind of noise exclusively. Is it just me or does it seem that some people never say anything of value or worse only say things to make themselves seem more important than they actually are. Constant quips or quotes about being productive and better than this or that or getting high, drunk, or just assorted drama. If I see a whole timeline of that and/or (worst of all) #teamfollowback BS, I’m just going to have to fire you. My mind can’t take it anymore.
  • I follow quite a few news accounts. Normally I don’t care, but twitter makes it too easy to get information, so I’m tempted to add news accounts. Again, some of them are gold (Al Jazeera English and MangaStream), but most are just unneeded noise to me. They had to go.
  • People that don’t talk. Ever. I would like to think that most of the people on my timeline do things other than consume info, but unfortunately no. All the way down to family members, if I haven’t talked to them in months yet I see them write relatively often, I should just skip that one. You already know how I am about engagement.
Most of this move is impacted by the more minimalistic habits I’ve developed as of late, but the ideas apply and I will probably continue to pare down and time goes on because I think it is a worthwhile venture to eliminate noise from my life, starting with social media and moving on from there.
Thoughts welcome.
Feel free to share.

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