relationships in the cloud – part 2

I have had two — not one, but two — episodes of nasty relationship issues involving social media. In both cases, rather than talking, the post made things a lot harder than needed. In both cases, the situation could have been better handled by talking.

There seems to be a dark side to social media (isn’t there always) that deprives a relationship of the intimacy communicated through vocal intonation, the reassuring touch of a hand, or a smile playing around the edge of the lips.

In Case #1, my friend found out that he was no longer in a relationship by reading the words, “X is now ‘single’…” in his FB feed. This, to me, is unacceptable. I mean, it makes amazing material for something like, but this is not how you handle relationships. You talk about this and work them out or go your separate ways, but at least do your partner the courtesy of telling them.

In Case #2, there was an issue that I can’t even speak on the details of, but again, this involved more posting, being indirect and *not* talking when the situation was actually such that it could have ended the relationship and rather abruptly (it didn’t).

Why is social media — SOCIAL media — such a hindrance to actually communicating with people?!


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