While I generally prefer the pure and positive types of motivations for my tasks, I am finding that 2017 is presenting more than a few strong cases for doing good things purely out of spite.

That website my friend needs but his project partners abandoned him on? Watch me build that out of spite.

Those things I want to do for my own life, but I’ve been on-hold waiting for either time or people to help me with? Watch me excel out of pure spite.


I really don’t know how to feel about this, but spite is legit about to produce:

  • health
  • D&D modules
  • an extensive travel budget
  • blog content
  • knowledge in another three programming languages
  • a schedule for purchasing groceries
  • finishing my entire stack of comics so I can trade them in
  • finishing these business and design books
  • finishing online design courses

I wish it didn’t. I wish I could live in a world of doing things for myself and for others with a motivation driven purely by the positive, but no good deed goes unpunished, so I’m going to do these things out of spite instead.

Watch me.

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