Stars and Sky: Part I

The first video of yours that I watched wasn’t this one, but this is definitely one of my favorites (there have been a few) that I’ve watched over the last four years that I’ve followed you.

It really was innocent enough; a friend of mine was heavy into League of Legends and got me into the game. In an effort to find funny and educational things, he came across you. You reminded him of me, so he said “Hey, you need to watch this guy; if you were super into league, you’d be this guy” so I watched that video.

I wonder how many of these types of things you read and are afraid to believe.

I ended up watching every video on your channel excepting one by the end of the week and have continued to watch ever since. That also ended up with me following your twitter and keeping up with you there. I’ve spent a very long time watching you go through the different ups and downs you’ve gone through and seeing people both love and hate you in the process.

Every day has been a lot of humor and emotion in your efforts to conquer each of the days you show up for. That takes courage to do it at all even if you don’t do it perfectly.

I wonder how many of these types of things you read and are afraid to believe. I wonder what else is happening outside of the twitter and youtube lenses I see and experience you through and I hope they are decent.

It’s been awesome being able to watch you grow as a person and become stronger – even if only a little – every day. It’s awesome. And hard. And terrifying sometimes.

Keep going.


Rolling around at the speed of sound and following rainbows and so on.

While you’re doing that, I’m pretty sure that everything else will fall into place; that’s my experience at least.

I’m putting on 3D shades to watch your future with. I’ve already mailed your pair to Amelia in case she meets you a second time.


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